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Her oasis.

She now has a place where she can go to get away from work and kids, a place to relax and feel beautiful. 

It’s a high end luxury experience 


We are known for the “lived in” color technique where we enhance natural beauty. 

Everything we do is very soft and blended.

Oaselle is also known to help build other passionate stylists within their craft. 

Education is at the forefront.

We have an apprenticeship program where we hire and train stylists with our techniques and then help them build a clientele.

Our atmosphere is calm, warm, and inviting.

We are trendy yet classy.

We are professional in everything we say and do.


Our customer is not only our guest but becomes our family. 




One of the greatest experiences I've had at a hair salon! I highly recommend to anyone looking for such a luxury experience!

Emily M.

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